Eagle Watch Nature Trail at AEP-SWEPCO Flint Creek Power Plant

The Flint Creek Power Plant Eagle Watch Nature Trail is located near Gentry, Arkansas. According to on-site signage, the plant site contains a 500-acre cooling lake. There is a half mile trail with two pavilions and a viewing deck that are open to the public.

Link to AEP-SWEPCO trail map.

Eagles in Northwest Arkansas

Visitors come to see bald eagles that winter on the lake. According to SWEPCO’s website, ‘Although wintering bald eagles are the main attraction, many of the 144 bird species identified at the site also can be seen.’ For this reason, the site has been designated as an important bird area by Audubon Arkansas.

BirdingNorthwest Arkansas

Here is a list of birds that you might be able to see on your visit. We brought along our binoculars and cameras which turned this short hike into an adventure for our girls (ages 5 and 7). They were eager to get out and explore!

Eagle Watch Nature Trail
Eagle Watch Nature Trail Flint Creek Power Plant
Eagle Watch Nature Trail Flint Creek Power Plant

Visit swepco.com for more information.

Interested in spotting more eagles? Check out the Audubon society’s Northwest Arkansas Winter Bald Eagle Auto Tour as well as a list of over 40 places to bird watch in Northwest Arkansas.


Arkansas Winter Hikes at Devil’s Den State Park

Today I’m looking back at a hike we did last January at Devil’s Den State Park in Arkansas.

Yellow Rock

My husband and I were able to schedule a babysitter so that we could hike the Yellow Rock Trail (3 miles) and the Devil’s Den Self Guided Trail (1.5 miles) back-to-back.

Pairing these two hikes makes a great combination because you get the views from Yellow Rock and great waterfalls and caves/rock formations on the Devil’s Den Self-Guided Trail. In a short amount of time, you get a good taste of what makes Arkansas hiking so incredible.

January is typically cold in Arkansas, but when the sun is shining, winter is one of my favorite times to hike in the Natural State.

rock formations decorated with icicles.

Arkansas waterfalls

Melting icicles and snow led to more active water flow. We spotted extra waterfalls along the Self-Guided trail compared to when we hiked it during the hot summer months.

On previous trips to Devil’s Den State park, we hiked the Yellow Rock trail with our kids which I wrote about here. We also hiked the Self-Guided Trail and wrote about that here.

Devil’s Den State Park website includes hours, directions, and additional trail information.

Hike-it-baby’s website reviews the Yellow Rock trail and gives great pointers about hiking with children and pets on this trail.