Dog Friendly Hikes near Estes Park, Colorado

Dog friendly hiking trails in Estes Park

Did you know that dogs aren’t allowed to go hiking with you in Rocky Mountain National Park?

The good news is that there are several fun hikes around Estes Park that you and your furry friends can enjoy together. Here are some of our favorite dog-friendly hikes:

Kruger Rock—A Dog Friendly, Early Season Trail just outside Estes Park, Colorado

The Kruger Rock Trail is located in Hermit Park, just outside of Estes Park on Highway 36. The trail is roughly 2 miles each way, steadily gaining just under 1000 feet of elevation.

Lily Mountain – a Dog Friendly Trail near Estes Park, Colorado

Lily Mountain is located off of Highway 7, just south of Estes Park, Colorado. The distance is 1.8 miles each way, which is short for a summit hike. You gain 1,240 feet of elevation and gain exceptional views of the surrounding mountains.

Homer Rouse Trail – a Dog Friendly Trail in Estes Park, Colorado

The hike starts on Fish Creek Road where you can park off the street. Approximately 1.5 miles into the hike, you approach historic Baldpate Inn.

Homer Rouse Trail – Revisited

This is an update to the post we originally wrote about the Homer Rouse Trail. On this trip, we hiked one-way from Lily Lake/Twins Sisters parking down to Fish Creek Road.

Add This to Your Hiking Bucket List! Blue Lake in Indian Peaks Wilderness

The hike to Blue Lake begins in the Brainard Lake Recreation Area, a popular hiking destination in Colorado. It is located approximately 1 hr 20 minutes from Denver, 50 minutes from Boulder, and 50 minutes from Estes Park. If you buy a pass to get into Rocky Mountain National Park, it’s good to know that there is a separate fee to get in to this National Wilderness Area.

Wildflowers in Bloom: A Family Hike to Mitchell Lake

Just like the hike to Blue Lake, this trail is in the Brainard Lake Recreation Area. This hike is 2 miles round trip.

Hike Up Old Fall River Road to Chasm Falls

Did we find an exception to the rule? This hike is inside Rocky Mountain National Park, but it isn’t a trail – it is a road. Old Fall River Road is a one-way dirt road that winds all the way up to the Alpine Visitor Center. It is open to vehicles seasonally. When the road is closed to traffic, hiking with dogs and 2-way biking are allowed.

Estes valley dog park

Besides going on hikes, you can also bring your dog to the Estes Valley Dog Park which is located near Lake Estes.


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