Good, Better, Best… at the Grocery Store

My Grandpa taught me the sang, “Good, better, best – never let it rest until your good is better and your better is best!”

This popped in my head when I was grocery shopping today and I thought I’d share it because I don’t think I’m the only one overwhelmed with all the good aspirations to go green, shop local, eat healthy and save money.  I do not have time to research every product and go to multiple stores – I’m literally bribing my one year old with graham cracker cookies I pull off the shelf so she stops trying to jump out of the cart!

‘Ok, just breathe’ I told myself. I may never cook all organic, plan gourmet meals under $5 or find a way to leave a zero carbon footprint on our beautiful planet. I can be mindful, make a few slightly better choices and build from there. So, here is what I found:

Shatto Milk – My husband is not a picky person, but he is very picky when it comes to milk and this tastes great! It’s from a local Kansas City dairy, so it’s very fresh. They use glass bottles to keep it cold and to help the environment. I even got a $2 rebate when I brought my clean container back to the store so they can reuse the glass.

San Francisco Bay Single Serve Coffee – I love coffee and I love how convenient and easy my Keurig makes brewing a cup. I don’t love the plastic containers that accumulate in my trash, so I’m really excited about this brand that uses a mesh coffee filter instead of plastic.

Oscar Meyer Natural lunch meat and Coffee mate natural bliss –    I’m trying to buy meat that is nitrate/nitrite free and coffee creamer that doesn’t have carrageenan listed in the ingredients.

Finally, I remembered to bring my own reusable bags today – woohoo!  Let me know if you have any great products or practices that you and your family enjoy!



A weekend trip to Hollywood, Florida

Last weekend we took a quick trip to Hollywood, Florida to soak in some sunshine.

IMG_3996The weather was a little colder and windier than we expected, but we still had fun walking up and down the broadwalk which has great views of the ocean. We didn’t need to rent a car, we had all of the restaurants and entertainment we needed within walking distance of our hotel. The broadwalk is lined with restaurants where you can sit outside, listen to live music and watch people walking, biking and rollerblading by.

IMG_4005Our favorite part of the trip was splashing in the waves and chasing birds up and down the  beautiful beach.

The Anne Kolb Nature Center was close to our hotel, so we walked over a couple  times to enjoy the trails and observation tower views. We spotted unique birds and tree crabs along the trails.

February! What I’m Reading and my Festive Family To-do List

Happy groundhog day! I’m really happy we made it through long, cold, dark January – it actually wasn’t a bad month at all. I especially loved my snowshoeing date with my husband and my zoo day with Cecy.

I want to tell you about a book I’m currently reading “Stuff-ocation“. Warning, it might make you want to sell all your stuff and move to a tiny cabin in the mountains. Or, maybe that’s just me!? I’m not all the way through the book yet, but I have started going through all my stuff and donating things to local charities or recycling.

I’m thinking how I can incorporate the less stuff – more experience message with Lent this year, which starts next week.

A couple of fun things I’m looking forward to this month:

  • making homemade Valentine’s Day cards with Cecy
  • dressing up for a black-tie Gatsby themed event for my husband’s work
  • celebrating Mardi Gras/Fat Tuesday with a New Orleans themed dinner
  • a trip to Florida, we are ready for some sun!
  • cracking out our underused fondue set and melting some chocolate goodness