Good, Better, Best… at the Grocery Store

My Grandpa taught me the sang, “Good, better, best – never let it rest until your good is better and your better is best!”

This popped in my head when I was grocery shopping today and I thought I’d share it because I don’t think I’m the only one overwhelmed with all the good aspirations to go green, shop local, eat healthy and save money.  I do not have time to research every product and go to multiple stores – I’m literally bribing my one year old with graham cracker cookies I pull off the shelf so she stops trying to jump out of the cart!

‘Ok, just breathe’ I told myself. I may never cook all organic, plan gourmet meals under $5 or find a way to leave a zero carbon footprint on our beautiful planet. I can be mindful, make a few slightly better choices and build from there. So, here is what I found:

Shatto Milk – My husband is not a picky person, but he is very picky when it comes to milk and this tastes great! It’s from a local Kansas City dairy, so it’s very fresh. They use glass bottles to keep it cold and to help the environment. I even got a $2 rebate when I brought my clean container back to the store so they can reuse the glass.

San Francisco Bay Single Serve Coffee – I love coffee and I love how convenient and easy my Keurig makes brewing a cup. I don’t love the plastic containers that accumulate in my trash, so I’m really excited about this brand that uses a mesh coffee filter instead of plastic.

Oscar Meyer Natural lunch meat and Coffee mate natural bliss –    I’m trying to buy meat that is nitrate/nitrite free and coffee creamer that doesn’t have carrageenan listed in the ingredients.

Finally, I remembered to bring my own reusable bags today – woohoo!  Let me know if you have any great products or practices that you and your family enjoy!



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