Tanyard Creek and Waterfall in Bella Vista, Arkansas

I hope everyone enjoyed their Mother’s Day weekend! My family took a lovely hike in Bella Vista, Arkansas at the Tanyard Creek Natural Trail. This was a return visit for me and my youngest daughter. We hiked it together last year in early April. I was excited to bring my husband and our oldest daughter along with us. Wow! the waterfall was way more impressive this time around.

Highlights of this hike include a waterfall, creek, shelter bluffs, and a very cool suspension bridge.

Tanyard Creek waterfall
Tanyard Creek waterfall
Windsor Lake Dam in Bella Vista, Arkansas
Tanyard Creek
Shelter bluffs
Suspension bridge

There were signs up reminding hikers to follow the CDC 6-foot-rule and other safety social distancing practices. The trails were pretty busy, but I think people were trying their best to keep a safe distance. We found that the further from the waterfall we hiked, the easier it was to hike on our own. The park restrooms were closed.

If you are curious about the differences between our hike in early April compared to May, check out our previous post.

how is the pandemic changing your Summer travel plans?

Does anyone else feel like we are in a bit of a stand-still? We remain hopeful that we can get out to our cabin in Estes Park, Colorado at the end of May, but it is feeling less and less likely. I wrote about past Memorial Days we’ve spent in Rocky Mountain National Park here.

Some travel experts believe once travel resumes in the United States, people are going to be looking for wilderness adventures in more remote locations that allow for natural social distancing. Others might choose destinations that are closer to home. (Forbes article).

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Tanyard Creek Nature Trail in Bella Vista, Arkansas

Bella Vista makes a welcoming front porch to Northwest Arkansas. I remember holding my breath as we crossed the border from our home state of Missouri and letting out a sigh of relief as we drove into Bella Vista. ‘See girls we can live in Arkansas – look at all the pretty golf courses (even though I don’t golf), and all the active people out biking and walking around the lake.’

We moved to Arkansas this winter and now that the weather is warming, I’m eager to get out and explore more of ‘the natural state’. Last week I took my 2-year-old on a hike around the Tanyard Creek Nature Trail in Bella Vista.

Tanyard Creek Nature Trail signage

Tanyard Creek Blacktop Path

The first path we came to was a paved 1/3 mile loop which was the perfect place for my toddler to walk on her own because it was flat. When we got a little tired we rested on a bench.

Tanyard creek nature trail

Past the paved section the nature trail begins. We continued to keep right as the trail took us up, around, and over the creek.

Tanyard Creek Nature Trail in Bella Vista. northwest arkansas hiking

We crossed over several bridges.

Tanyard Creek Nature Trail in Bella Vista. northwest arkansas hiking. hiking with kids

And walked along a limestone cave.

hiking by cave in northwest arkansas. bella vista arkansas. tanyard creek

In places you could hear road and construction noise. I didn’t mind because I think it’s nice to find hidden gems within city limits.

tanyard creek bella vista

Dotted along the trail, volunteers have placed signs that explain what kind of trees and rocks we were looking at. I appreciate signage so I can sound smart when I’m hiking with my kids.

northwest arkansas creek hike

There wasn’t a sign telling me what kind of animal this cute little guy is, but I’m guessing he is a ground hog and he was announcing, ‘It’s spring!’

tanyard creek nature

We were on alert for less cuddly creatures. Signs warn that snakes might be enjoying the sunshine on rocks near the creek. I’m terrified of snakes and I’m relieved we didn’t see any.

spring hikes in northwest arkansas. tanyard creek

Even though this trail is only 2 miles long, it felt like an adventure because of the bridges, cave and creek.

tanyard creek nature in bella vista arkansas

We hiked on a beautiful weekday morning. I was pleased to see several fellow hikers enjoying the trail, but it didn’t feel over crowded.

tanyard creek nature in bella vista arkansas. northwest arkansas hiking destination

We passed a small pond covered in water lilies. Beyond the pond was a large hill which leads to the Lake Windsor Dam.

tanyard creek nature trail pond near windsor dam in bella vista

After the pond, the trail heads up at a steeper rate toward the waterfall lookout. The waterfall spilled into the creek which a fellow hiker mentioned was pretty dry this time of year. I’m guessing the waterfall and creek are even more impressive later in the season.

waterfall hike tanyard creek nature trail bella vista arkansas

I carried my daughter in a kid carrier on my back, but after the waterfall she was eager to get down and walk on her own. We found a flat area and she happily sat along the creek and threw rocks in the water to make ripples. She could do this for hours.

tanyard creek

With all the ripple making, we decided to skip a fairly big section of the trail. I’m eager to go back to explore the rest of the trail soon.

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