Back in the Sunflower State

We are back home in Kansas and excited for some fall adventures here. Last week we headed to Grinter Sunflower Farm located at 24154 Stillwell Rd. Lawrence, KS 66044. (Lawrence is the home of college basketball powerhouse, KU and my amazing sister). The farm provided a fun, beautiful landscape to take pictures for Cecy’s 10 month birthday.

Not sure what to think of sunflowers?
Not sure what to think of sunflowers?

I think she was a little afraid of the sunflowers at first which is understandable because some are the size of her head. According to the Grinter’s blog, the sunflowers are fading fast and they are just about ready for harvest, so I’m glad we made it out there in time!

I’m a first time Mom, so things I’ll keep in mind for next year:

  1. Bring cash – we passed through a toll road on the way there. Also bring $1 donation in exchange for a sunflower to take home.
  2. Wear proper shoes! I wore cute sandals and got them very muddy and I slipped around. Next year we might go with cowboy boots because they’ll look cute in pictures and will be more practical.
  3. Wear sunscreen and bug spray.
  4. Bring a scissor or knife to cut the sunflower with. This year I tried to just break it off like a normal flower – basically I was wrestling a thick, prickly stalk that was taller than me with a baby in one arm and ended up with half the pedals on the ground and an angry baby.
  5. Plan ahead by checking the Grinter’s blog or Facebook page for prime sunflower season.
  6. Consider bringing a step-ladder to get a better angle of the field. They had a cart with hay on it for photo opportunities, but some people brought their own ladders which gave them options to take pictures in the middle of the field.
Sitting on cart
Sitting on cart

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