Kayaking Lake Estes

Our family discovered a new outdoor activity that we can do together in Estes Park, Colorado – kayaking! When we pulled up to Lake Estes Marina, we didn’t know what to expect. Would our girls jump into the lake? Would they whine the entire time?

We decided to give it a shot and rented out two 2-person kayaks for an hour. A half hour option is also available.

If kayaking isn’t your idea of fun, the marina also rents out pontoon boats, fishing boats, and stand-up paddle boards. Pedal carts and bikes can be rented out as well. There is a 3.75 mile walking and biking path around Lake Estes which connects to downtown. (Lake Estes Marina: hours and pricing)

Lake Estes marina outfitted us with child-sized life jackets and paddles

The marina outfitted us with child-sized life jackets and paddles. I think the paddle was one of the keys to our success because it gave our 4.5-year-old a job to do, as well as an excuse to splash around.

We rented 2-person kayaks for an hour at Lake Estes Marina.

When we first launched the boat, our 2.5-year-old wanted to sit on my lap, but the marina staff told us she had to sit on her own. I was happy (and a little surprised) she listened to them and fearlessly sat in the front of the kayak.

Kayaking on Lake Estes

We’ve spotted elk countless times in Estes Park, but seeing them in the water while we were paddling around the lake was exciting.

After our boating adventure, we dried off by playing at the playground located next to the marina. There are several picnic tables too, so we grabbed one to eat a snack at.

Kayaking + playground + picnic was definitely a winning combination for our family. We all enjoyed our time at Lake Estes, and we are glad that we pushed ourselves a bit to try out a new sport.

Have you tried any new sports or activities as a family this summer? I’d love some more ideas.


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