Sky the Puppy and Her First Hike

Sky is our six-month-old Australian Shepard. She’s smart and full of boundless energy. Living with a puppy through the pandemic has been equal parts extra trouble and blessing. Like most high energy pups, she demands a lot of attention.

puppy routine – covid 19

As morning light begins to shine through the window, Sky starts whining until my husband gets out of bed to take her on the first walk of the day. She spends her afternoons chasing birds and butterflies around the backyard, trying to eat my girls’ favorite toys, learning new tricks (sit, stay, shake!), and napping in the warm sunshine. In the evening, I get my turn to take her on her second walk around our neighborhood.

Last weekend we decided to bring her on her first official family hike.

Lake sequoyah

We decided to head to Lake Sequoyah in Fayetteville, Arkansas because of the proximity to our house. This was our first visit to Lake Sequoyah. According to the Fayetteville Parks website, the lake was originally built in the 1950s as a water reservoir. Now the park is used for bird watching, picnics, hiking, fishing, and boating (fish and boat permits required). Swimming is not allowed.

Trail signage for Lake Sequoyah in Fayetteville, Arkansas

trails of lake sequoyah

Shoreline Trail – an easy 2 mile trail around the lake.

Kingfisher Trail – a moderate 3 mile trail.

Rookery Trail – a moderate almost 5 mile trail.

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From our parking spot, we could hear the rush of a waterfall down the hill. We decided to walk towards the water expecting to find the Shoreline Trail on the way.

The cascades were impressive. However, recent rain showers meant the trail was VERY muddy and challenging to follow.

The forest was drinking up the spring rain and seemed to be growing right before our eyes. After attempting our way through the mud, we decided to take a path that was partially gravel back up towards the main road.

We walked happily back to our car on the paved street.

From the road, we could still enjoy the flowering dogwoods and redbud trees that are beginning to bloom in early spring.

dogwood flower near Lake Sequoyah

Although the hike was cut short by the weather, I’d like to think Sky left with muddy paws and a full puppy heart.


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