Puppy Picks – Products We Like for Our New Puppy

SKy’s Favorite things:

Raised dog bowls with mat under to catch spills

Strong dog leash. Our six month old pup has chewed her way through two leashes already, so for our third leash I wanted to get something stronger. I ordered a leash from BAAPET. I like the padded handle, even though she chewed some of it off already. I also like how thick the cord is. She doesn’t seem to want to chew on that as much. Fingers crossed this lasts. I have a good feeling about it!

ChuckIt! balls – We’ve also gone through our share of tennis balls. The ChuckIt balls seem to have a little more durability for our active puppy. We also ordered a launcher to help us throw the balls even further, but it hasn’t arrived yet in the mail. In the mean time, these balls have provided tons of fun with just good old fashion throwing.

Nylabone – This is a bacon flavored chew toy that looks like a little pig. It is supposed to help clean teeth. Sky doesn’t seem overly interested in it, but it has lasted several months.

Poop Scooper – I never thought I’d spend money on a poop scooper, but I have to say this scooper from Arm & Hammer makes the dirty chore a lot easier. I totally recommend getting one!

Raised Pet Bowl and silicone mat to protect our hardwood floors from water spills. At the time of purchase, I felt that a cute raised pet bowl was a bit of a splurge, but I’ve been very happy because we haven’t accidentally kicked over the bowls or stepped in the water (I’m not sure if I’m just clumsy, or if other people have this issue?). I’m really happy with this purchase.

Slicker brush – My dog runs away from me the moment I start walking towards her with this brush. I have a feeling that her behavior has nothing to do with the brush itself. The product is rated well on Amazon. I like that it is self cleaning. I’m going to keep trying before I make my final decision on this one.

Plush toy – This cute lady bug plush toy lasted much longer than I expected it to. I’m not a huge fan of the squeaky noise it makes, but our puppy sure is. The manufacturer is ZippyPaws and they have adorable dog toys. I’m wondering how Sky would like a hide and seek toy like this squirrel one.


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