Feeling Stuck? Try Going on a Hike

“Nothing diminishes anxiety faster than action.”

Walter Anderson

3-2-1, we are counting down the days until my daughter starts kindergarten next week. We’ve met the teacher and bought school supplies. I’m confident that she is ready to learn and make new friends.

But, am I ready? I’ve been a stay-at-home mom since she was born. Together we have gone on countless adventures to the library, coffee shops, gymnastics, berry picking, and the zoo. Her little sister and I will miss her very much when she is at school every day.

On the other hand, I’m mentally prepared for the possibility that her in-person classes might turn to virtual at any point during the first semester because of the pandemic. I dislike uncertainty, but mostly I’m scared that we might make the wrong decisions.

Finally, I’m thinking about what the future looks like for my career once the girls are both in school full-time. With this much uncertainty, can I even start to think about my own goals?

I was processing all of this on our hike to Bierstadt Lake. As I walked the switchbacks up towards the lake, I realized that COVID-19 has made it harder to do everything and somehow even simple tasks like going to the grocery store felt like too much. I resolved to take that errand back onto my plate and off my husband’s. This little momentum shift has created a snowball effect and I’m starting to feel empowered again.

Perhaps I was able to feel, think, and work through so many big thoughts and emotions because there is plenty of space for me to do that in the mountains.

And now for some pretty pictures and video from our hike!

Bierstadt Lake hike in Rocky Mountain National Park.
Bierstadt Lake hike in Rocky Mountain National Park.
Bierstadt Lake hike in Rocky Mountain National Park.
Bierstadt Lake hike in Rocky Mountain National Park.
Bierstadt Lake hike in Rocky Mountain National Park.

Are you feeling anxious about the upcoming school year? You might find some inspiration in these, 22 Calming Quotes for People with Anxiety from Psychology Today.

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