15 Hikes in 2015

We are days away from our final trip to Rocky Mountain National Park in 2015. I was going through our ‘log book’ and realized we went on 15 hikes with our little girl this year in RMNP and surrounding areas. We hiked over 77 miles with her in Colorado and loved (almost) every moment of it.


I learned a lot about being a Mom on the trail – like how to plan ahead and also how to go with the flow. We made a big commitment to spending a lot of time as a family out in the mountains. For our family it helps us stay healthy, have fun and connect to each other, God and nature.

I’m very thankful when I think back on our list. I hope it’s even longer in 2016. Wishing everyone a very Merry Christmas and an adventurous New Year!

  1. Deer Mountain, 6 miles
  2. Twin Sisters, 7.3 miles
  3. Bear Lake to Bierstadt Lake, 4.4 miles
  4. Indian Peaks Wilderness Area – Brainard Lake/Lake Isabelle, 7 miles
  5. Bear Lake to Emerald Lake Lookout, 6.8 miles
  6. Lily Mountain, 3.6 miles
  7. Bear Lake to the Loch, 6 miles
  8. Cub Lake, 4.8 miles
  9. Bear Lake to Emerald Lake, 3.6 miles
  10. Wild Basin Trailhead to Ouzel Falls, 5.5 miles
  11. Fern Lake Trailhead to Fern Falls, 5.2 miles
  12. Bear Lake Trailhead to Mills Lake, 5.6 miles
  13. Longs Peak Trailhead to Estes Cone, 6.6 miles
  14. Lumpy Ridge Trailhead to Gem Lake, 3.6 miles
  15. Lily Lake/Lily Ridge 1.3 miles

*Miles are approximate


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