March -Festive Family To-do List

Yuck, did anyone else feel they were in a constantly revolving cycle of colds last month? I swear we just took turns feeling sick. Despite not feeling our best, we still had a lot of fun.

Gatsby Party

I enjoyed a cute family Valentine’s Day dinner at home and going to a fancy Gatsby themed event with my husband, but my favorite experience was taking Cecy to the beach in Florida. She loved kicking waves and chasing birds. This month I’m excited to:

  • Enjoy rising temperatures and play outside as much as possible

    Time to Swing!
  • We had a Mardi Gras themed dinner last month with Creole black beans ‘n’ sausage (recipe) and wearing lots of bead necklaces! This month I want to celebrate our Irish heritage with a themed dinner or brunch.

    Happy Mardi Gras
  • Visit family in California. We will be in Morro Bay which is where we took Cecy on her first hike (Valencia Peak). I’m hoping we can do some hiking again.
  • March Madness! For the last few years I’ve assigned restaurants to every team in the NCAA Men’s basketball tournament and that’s how we determine where to go to dinner on our anniversary in April. I’m not a big basketball fan (college basketball is huge in Kansas City) so this makes it more fun. The key is to throw some fast food restaurants in the mix so you’re excited when they lose.
  • Cecy’s first Easter Egg hunt.

Happy March!


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