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On the way home from our first trip to Rocky Mountain National Park with our daughter Cecilia, we decided it would be fun and helpful to log our hikes in the Rocky Mountains and other parks we travel to. We started a family hiking journal which helps us keep track of each hike. It’s a great way to capture fun details like what animals we spotted on the trail. It’s also rewarding to add up miles that we’ve hiked as a family.

I create entries for each hike. You can download a sampleĀ Rocky Mountain Tot Family Hiking Journal.

I also keep track of ‘points of interest’ we visit such as visitors centers, Trail Ridge road, local breweries, St. Malo Center and the Stanley Hotel. For special occasions like family reunions I jot down ‘trip highlights’ which are bullet points that summarize a special moment like, ‘hot chocolate and eating cinnamon rolls at Fall River visitor’s center restaurant. Views were beautiful!’

Finally, I keep a little post-it note with hikes I hope to go on soon. Taking pictures is a wonderful way to memorialize a family vacation, but keeping an old-fashioned journal brings me a lot of joy too.

What ways do you capture special family memories?


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