Top Spot for a Sunset Stroll Overlooking Estes Park, Colorado- The Centennial Open Space at Knoll-Willows

I discovered gold! Okay, so maybe that’s an exaggeration, but on our last trip to Estes Park, Colorado I found a new hiking trail located a few minutes from the Safeway grocery store. I squeezed in a little ‘me time’ and got back with the milk before our girls noticed I was gone.

The Centennial Open Space at Knoll-Willows is located across the street from the historic Stanley Hotel. Someday, when I want to extend my excursion, I will walk around the hotel’s gift shop or warm up with a cup of butternut squash soup at their Cascades Restaurant & Lounge.

On this trip I was in a hurry and eager to capture the views over downtown Estes Park before sunset. I looped around the trail and stopped at several benches to take in the views of the mountains.

The open space is home to two historic structures. According to signage, these ruins used to be the home of Albert Birch, city editor for the Denver Post.

It was built with an impressive fireplace and large windows with enviable views of the Rocky Mountains.

I can imagine how cozy this home was back in 1907 when it was built.

Overlooking downtown Estes Park, Colorado

From the hill where it rests, the quaint town of Estes Park glows under the setting sun. The trail can be followed down the hill towards Town Hall passing by another historic cabin.

Rocky Mountain views

Although it was getting cold, I couldn’t stop watching the colorful sky and the snow capped mountains.

Twin Owls Sunset

Even though I loved spending some alone time here, I can’t wait to take my husband back for a romantic stroll or my girls back for a hike. The trail is short and easy enough for young kids to do on their own.

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