Get the Most out of Your Rocky Mountain Vacation by Avoiding Crowds, Bugs and Carsick Kiddos

Male Elk off Fall River Road in Rocky Mountain National Park

If you are planning a trip to Rocky Mountain National Park this summer, you are going to create wonderful family memories. Our whole website is dedicated to how amazing we think Estes Park and Rocky Mountain National Park are.  However, it’s also helpful to know the less than spectacular parts of a destination that might come up so you can plan ahead.

#1: Crowds 

Tourists come when it’s most convenient – on holidays and weekends. During these busy times, we have to wake up super early to get our bags packed and the kiddos fed so we can get into the park before 7AM. That sounds terrible, but it’s worth it, especially if we are trying to find a parking space near some of the most popular destinations like Bear Lake and Alberta Falls.

How to avoid the crowds in Rocky Mountain National Park:

  • hike in less popular destinations such as the Wild Basin or this trail less traveled.
  • go early in the morning
  • hike on week days
  • pre-purchase your park pass online
  • help lines run faster by asking questions at the visitors centers instead of the park entrances
  • ride the free park shuttles

#2 Mosquitoes

During summer months, mosquitoes are common on hikes around lakes and rivers. If you have babies or are breast-feeding, don’t forget to pack sprays without DEET like this one.

#3: Carsick Kiddos

Winding mountain roads sometimes make our toddler car sick. Here are some ideas on how to avoid carsickness and make cleanup easier if it happens.

Mountain Carsick Kit:

  • bucket
  • towels
  • Clorox wipes
  • trash bags
  • bottle of water
  • change of clothes for everyone
  • pretzels/saltines/ginger snacks

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