19 Goals in 2019

I recently shared my 19 in 2019 list on facebook and instagram and I enjoyed the reactions I got from my friends and family. It was all very encouraging. I got the idea from the Happier with Gretchen Rubin podcast. It’s not surprising that most of my list has to do with traveling, hiking, and family.

  1. make daily green smoothies for girls and me
  2. grow veggies/herb garden and apple orchard
  3. go on new summit hike with my husband
  4. hike with my Dad and brother up Hallett
  5. celebrate Mom’s 60th birthday with a family trip
  6. girls trip to Dallas
  7. attend Dad’s football hall-of-fame induction
  8. hire 3-4 reliable babysitters
  9. join a book club
  10. take a writing or photography class
  11. do an ironic cross stitch
  12. take girls to 2 new states
  13. explore Arkansas
  14. keep 3+ house plants alive
  15. join moms group in Arkansas
  16. get girls passports
  17. take my oldest daughter (4 years old) to her first movie
  18. start family Friday night game and movie tradition
  19. get my hair cut each quarter
‘Green Smoothie’ (Goal #1)

Hike with Hike it Baby (Goal #13 and #15)

January Progress!

I’ve made progress on finding a mom’s group in Arkansas (#15) which has also helped me explore our new state (#13). I joined Hike it Baby which brings together young families who love to explore nature. The group welcomes both moms and dads, so it’s not your typical ‘moms group’, but I’m ok with that. Hike it Baby is a national organization – you can learn more at hikeitbaby.com.

Hike it Baby Blog

Hike it Baby also has a blog featuring fun and helpful articles about getting outdoors with little kids. I was excited to have a post published a few years ago called “What’s in My Pack?“. I wrote it when our oldest was a baby. I’m sure the post would be completely different if I re-wrote it now that we have a 2-year-old and a 4-year-old.

Hall of Fame

Last weekend I was thrilled to check #7 off my list. We attended my Dad’s induction into Missouri State University’s Sports Hall of Fame. My father received the honor for his success as a linebacker. He holds several football records for most tackles that haven’t been broken for over 35 years. Way to go Dad!


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