Indoor Herb Garden

You may remember that one of my goals this year is to keep a few house plants alive. (19 goals in 2019)

This month we put together a fresh herb garden under a window in our living room. Picking out the stand, buying the pots, and planting the seeds was a fun project that involved our whole family. We planted basil, rosemary and thyme seeds along with an aloe plant. For added fun, I put out a colorful fish plate that the girls painted as a spot to keep their growing rock collection.

And the best part… our herbs are growing! Thanks to my husband who remembers to water the plants and turns the pots periodically so sunlight hits the soil evenly.

I can’t wait to use the fresh herbs to cook, but until then I’m enjoying watching them grow. I loved this project because it created a happy little spot in our home.



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